The Micklegate Singers 50th Anniversary

Our 50th Anniversary CD is now available!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2013, we released a CD featuring performances from our past concerts. The Press, York gave it the following review:

The Micklegates are celebrating their 50th anniversary this season, as well they might. This disc, a generous 80 minutes, with 26 tracks, is a representative selection from live concerts given between 2003 and 2012.

It is remarkable how homogenous the choir’s sound has remained over that period, all of it under Nicholas Carter’s direction. In keeping with the intention of its founder, Ronald Perrin, this remarkable varied programme often flirts with the fringes of the repertory and is all the more exciting for that.

At its centre lies two larger pieces, Arvo Pärt’s The Beatitudes, which builds a sense of prayerful adoration towards its powerful organ conclusion, and Sumsion’s In Exile, with the Israelites discovering muscle while weeping in Babylon. Negro spirituals, Britten, Bernstein, Wood’s triumphal Hail, Gladdening Light, three witty epigrams by Nicholas Maw, Holst, a Tudor motet, even Swingle, are all part of this eclectic mix.

The Micklegate Singers — 50 years on

  1. Didn’t my Lord (Debbie Ballantyne — Soprano) — Richard Allain
  2. To Daffodils (Flower Songs) — Benjamin Britten
  3. The succession of the 4 sweet months (Flower Songs) — Benjamin Britten
  4. En une seule fleur (Les Chansons des Roses) — Morten Lauridsen
  5. Hilli-Ho! (5 Partsongs) — Frank Bridge
  6. Calme des nuits — Camille Saint-Saëns
  7. The Barrel of the Drum (Making of the Drum: Anne Parkinson — Soprano) — Bob Chilcott
  8. Steal Away (5 Negro Spirituals: Sarah Sketchley — Soprano, Chris Sketchley — Tenor) — Michael Tippett
  9. Sanctus (Latin Choruses from the Lark: Kate Woodruff — Mezzo) — Leonard Bernstein
  10. Requiem (Latin Choruses from the Lark) — Leonard Bernstein
  11. The Beatitudes (Stephen Power — Organ) — Arvo Pärt
  12. In Exile — Herbert Sumsion
  13. Svyete tikhii — Pyotr Tchaikovsky
  14. Hail Gladdening Light — Charles Wood
  15. In Manus Tuas — John Sheppard
  16. Lamentations for Holy Saturday I — Tomas de Victoria
  17. Three Verses — Richard Rodney Bennett
  18. Ave Maria — Javier Busto
  19. El Grillo — Josquin des Prez
  20. On a Noisy Polemic (5 Epigrams) — Nicholas Maw
  21. On the Death of Robert Ruisseaux (5 Epigrams) — Nicholas Maw
  22. On a Hen-pecked Country Squire (5 Epigrams) — Nicholas Maw
  23. On Hillissuvi (Sûgismaastikud) — Veljo Tormis
  24. L’amour de moi — Ward Swingle
  25. Let there be love — Lionel Rand arr. Ned Bennett
  26. Swansea Town (6 Choral Folk Songs) — Gustav Holst

This CD is available for £10 (+ £1.50 P&P). Please email us and we will get in touch with details. You can also buy the CD at our concerts.